Friday, August 29, 2008


What have we become....

How we overcome
Who we dethroned
Mirror back all the reknown
Empty yet faithful
Deadly and hateful
Lethal but it cleanse

As the echoes fade
Let it linger
Let it soothe
Let it transpire this soundtrack to my suicide
May this anodyne purify
Purge as it subside

But before the eleventh hour
And until the Kingdom Come
This is just another prologue
Our roles to play
Our scenes to act out
In this theatre of war

For us
The young and the hopeless...

"Thus we see that the instinct to command others, in it primitive essence, is a carnivorous, altogether bestial and savage instinct. Under the influence of the mental development of men, it takes on somewhat ennobled, presenting itself as the instrument of reason and the devoted servant of that abstraction, or political fiction, which is called the public good. But in its essence it remains just as baneful, and it becomes even more so when, with the application of science, it extends its scope and intensifies the power of its actions. If there is a devil in history, it is this power principle, together with the stupidity and ignorance of the masses, upon which it is ever based and without which it never could exist, - it is this principle alone that has produced all the misfortunes, all the crimes, and the most shameful facts of history." - An extract from the book "The Political Philosophy Of Bakunin: Scientific Anarchism"