Thursday, February 28, 2008

Farewell Santa Rea

Tanned skin perfect persona with her gleaming smile
Ladylike but a natural born finisher
Fitted in red, we know she's dressed to kill
All this while, I've been reading between lines
Sent to the rites of every passages admiring every curves
Devoting the way of how God create such physique
Decoding subtle messages assaulting in the form of ciphers

She's a touch of finesse but tainted by lovelost
Cherry ripple flavoured licked lip gloss
Captivated me how she talks with her fillipino accent
Sweetness tinged as I kissed her lips before the double cross

Truly her passion is a godsent sabre
Thus whence love becomes murder
My corronation day draws near
Everybody seems to glide, but me
So go on Gabriela, pull the trigger
But don't trigger your unwanted emotions
Don't keep me tremble in fear depicting the fall of my empire
I have fought against nations,
still The nation's torn between indecisions
Either to enthrone the catalyst or to crown the antagonist
One thing that I can't seem to defeat neither I dare to repeat it
Grasping reality accepting true fate before it's all too late
The embodiment of living is to make existence appears vain
So I lead, I lead this one man massacre
My hatred forged a new path as it seems a new world can be built
Even in the doubt of never...
All these sins has blinded us, misled us, failing us both to remember...
Didn't we just found it, but then how can it evade us?
Elude our senses, persuade us to lower our defenses.

How can love disguise in pretenses?

Now where is it? where does it lies and hide?
I will find it, and once I found it, I swear
It won't live well until they breathe hell...

Look! everybody seems to slide.....Why?